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Messianic figure

Last week self-obsessed, egotist, Patirck Wolf announced in the NME that his next record is going to be a political opus:
“I’m writing my fourth record right now and I just finished all the demos…it’s quite a political record and a lot to do with my reaction to America during my recent tour. I’m not gonna start being a politician because I don’t know much about politics, but I know how it feels to be living as a human being with all our governments fighting each other and killing people.”
Well fuck me! Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, G8 protestors etc might as well call it a day now. “I’m not going to start being a politician because I don’t know much about politics” Wolf says. Which i have to say, begs the question why fucking write about it in the first place, if you know nothing about the subject?
Ah, but of course as we all know precocious, ostenentatious Wolf is a dab hand at any subject he chooses to turn his hand to. From bread baking, to theremin building, gross hypocrisy (‘oh, im quitting music, oh no i’m not, i didn’t mean it in the way i put it’ blah, blah, blah) and befriending Leigh Bowery (how does an 11 year old befriend Leigh Bowery by the way? Mama and Papa – that’s the only concluison i can come to). Everytime i hear Wolf open his mouth i come more and more to the conclusion, that the bullying he suffered at school had nothing to do with ‘homophobia’ but was more down to the fact he was a pompous little cock! Especially after he said in an interview with The Independent that:
“I went to a school in the countryside where you could do farming instead of playing rugby – handy for me! You could also do sheep shearing, wool-weaving, basket-weaving, bread-making…”
Jesus, it must have been a tough life there, those kids that go to school in the East Ridings that have it tough cos they’re a little different have nothing on good old Wolf.
Patrick Wolf makes me sick becuase to all intents and purposes he had a fucking easy, privelieged, bourgouis life where his every whim was throughly indulged (one parent was in the the Snivelling Shits, the other a more classcally inclined musician so i’m sure they were both authoritarina fucking tyrants!). I’m sure he was exposed to experiences and ideas that other people have to work there whole lives to find, yet he shows absolutley no awareness of how lucky he was. Everytime he speaks it’s with the self-regarding tone of someone who considers themselves to be wholly amazing; a genius. Yet his music is shit and i’ve never heard hoim say anything new or original in an interview, it’s all just puff for his Jupiter sized ego. I could go on and on, but i’ve already wasted enough space on the Twat!