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I Have A Headwound (In The Kitchen)

I made an animation for one of my old de/V/oid songs.

who can spot the subtle socio-political subtext?


Grange Hill R.I.P

Like me, Grange Hill the BBC’s school-based children’s series, turns thirty this year, unlike me it is being killed off by BBC bosses. Apparently the consensus is that it is no longer relevant to today’s youth. Rather peculiar that, given the fact that kids, do indeed still go to school.

Still, for all that, it’s not like I watched the programme since Sean Maguire was in it. I think that the fact that this has even registered with me at all is that the programme seems connected to a time when TV was generally less patronising and obvious. For me Grange Hill will forever be connected to the last glimpses of Reithian paternalism which were still visible through the chinks in the Thatcherite stone-cladding that was slowly coating British institutions and society throughout the 80s and 90s.

Here for old times sake is the original opening credits. I always liked the bit with the sausage.

Last Mofungo recordings

Mofungo were one of the many bands that sprung from the loins of No Wave, and went on to record a slew of records throughout the eighties. There is a rather nice piece on them on Perfect Sound Forever.

Anyhow there last unreleased tracks are available for free download, from former band member, Willie Klein, here.


Ok, so it’s September already and I realise that I haven’t decently updated this blog for months (indeed since I quit my job and didn’t find myself needing to surreptiously kill an hour of time here and there). Anywho, in the weeks/months since I last updated this I’ve moved to the Netherlands; swam in lakes; made music; stayed out all night pissed on Irish coffee; and got for a variety of hit and miss job interviews.

In the meantime here are downtown 12-piece, percussion led, 80s NY types Pulsallama, with The Devil Lies In My Husbands Body.

I don’t think that there is really any CD reissue of Pulsallama stuff (and their output was rather limited) but there are some MP3’s here.