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For Every Wolf That Roams

Huggy Bear’s super rare 1994 live cassette For Every Wolf That Roams features, as I was reminded just the other day, the very best version of Pansy Twist ever.


Just Like Nothing

I found these clips from the Getting Close To Nothing video zine the other day. I have to say that the clip for Single Bullets is particularly poignant, recalling a world where you had to rely on yr wits a bit more and things weren’t so prescribed and self-aggrandising.

I seem to recall the sleeve notes of Huggy Bear’s final 7″, Main Squeeze saying: “the scum floats to the surface in days like these.”

How ironic then to find Kate Nash saying in an interview with HARP, that:

“I like Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, but my boyfriend says that Huggy Bear is the best out of all of them,” she says holding a copy of Huggy Bear’s 1995 album Weaponry Listens to Love. “They’re really hard to get a hold of because they’re out of print. Thirteen dollars… I’ve got to have it.”

Still it does illustrate the point that the fact that a compilation of Huggy Bear material has never appeared since the band split is actually rather heroic.

Single Bullets

February 14th

No Sleep Til

Her Jazz

The whole of the Getting Close to Nothing videos can be found on HalfSquirrels Youtube Channel.

P.S – This woman is a moron.