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Mania D

Finally found (not that I’ve looked in about 4 years) a subtitled version of this Mania D (pre-Malaria!) interview on the Youtube.

Oh, and another:

I believe you can find a copy of their live tape here.



Possession is an art-house horror film from 1981 by Andrzej Zulawski. Nominally it’s about a man (played by Sam Neill) who returns to his wife (Isabelle Adjani) and son in West Berlin after having been away for business. Things are complicated somewhat by the fact that his wife has been having affairs; the first with a camp German medallion man, the second with a tentacled demonic blob.

The peculiarity of the divided city of Berlin is put to great use and shores up the thematic duality that runs throughout the film. Anyway, here is what I believe is supposed to be a demonic miscarriage.

Elsewhere in West Berlin, Kreuzeberg to be specific, Malaria! were doing this. The burning car was real btw.