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Disingenuous mini-Allen of the week



Buggered if I can see any similarity….


Souless, barge-faced, pop-munter Duffy reckons that comparisons between herself and Dusty Springfield are unwarranted. In today’s Metro (the paper of quality) she’s quoted as saying: “I hate all that comparison. How short-sighted to compare.”

Similarly she said in an interview with The Mail (a paper who’s readership Duffy seems genetically-engineered precisely for): “I can’t be light-hearted about being compared with a singer like Dusty Springfield. It’s easy for people to drop names like that, because they have a lot of resonance. But it’s also unexpected. It’s like saying a car is the same as a train just because the two of them move.”

(No Dufty love, that would be like comparing you to Helios Creed, or Yo! Majesty, or anything musical other than the derivative MOR artist that you are, but I digress.)

Dufty is of course being disingenuous here, the Springfield comparisons have been there from the start and have been deliberately promulgated by the Dufty PR machine. Think about it. To my mind something like spazz-faced haemorrhoid-trout donkey would have been a better name for Dufty’s offensively souless brand of oesophagus-splitting crap, but instead Dufty was plumped for. Surely no-one could confuse the names Dufty and Dusty? The similarity between those two words is as marked as that between ‘onomatopoeia’ and ‘egg’!

Then there was the image, which basically consists of lots of eyeliner, hair in the insinuation of a beehive and a blank drag-queen expression. Just to distance Dufty from any retro/Dusty Springfield association all her promo photos were all in black and white (although to be fair in the flesh Duffy does look a little on the flushed sight so this could have just been an attempt to hide the fact she has of high-blood pressure/heart condition/alcohol problem).

Given that most journalism these days seems to consist of public-school twats regurgitating press releases I do-not believe that the first wave of Duffy promo material didn’t come with blatant comparisons between Dufty and Dusty. Even if it didn’t the vague signifiers of Springfield highlighted above are enough to suggest any comparison between the two was deliberately conceived by Dufty’s PR machine.

Of course any mug with ears could tell you that Dufty is a crap facsimilie of Dusty, hence the ultimate need to sever the link. I’m sure it also doesn’t help that the move from affirmation to repudiation of the Springfield connection is a guaranteed way to grap easy headlines, without actually doing anything.