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D//VV/D live at Bermuda

The start of D//VV/D’s live set at Bermuda from earlier on in the year.


A One Man Show

Grace Jones rarely gets the credit she deserves in her manipulations and critique of image and identity: dressing as a monkey; raising an army of clones (“I can’t tell them apart”); playing with orientalist constructions; combining elements of masculine and feminine drag. In her One Man Show Jones internalises cliches and stereotypes regarding the savage black other with such ironic glee that she renders them ridiculous.

Sex on TV (2011)

The ur-generic. Overly compressed the act is quantized and robotic, punctured by the pseudo-climatic.

It’s the new scramble for Africa!

Some cool stuff here nevertheless.

A Prehistory of Industrial Music

So Unreal

I can’t get enough of this L.A Vampires / Matrix Metals song at the moment.

I’m sure there is supposed to be some Baudrillardian/Lacanian/(insert theorist of the un/real of your choice and stick an -ian on the end here) subtext to this, but I enjoy it more on the level of ‘pop song’.

Danielle Dax

“Why are the nicer people not as successful as the
shitty people?”