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To the right…

Following Blowjobs election as London mayor, the continued long-slow-slide of the Labour-party into Daily Mail appeasing, authoritarianism and the rise of a reinvigorated Tory party it looks to me like the UK is heading ever rightwards. Indeed in some places it looks like some parts of the electorate are turning into outright nazis, what with places such as Stoke-On-Trent so disenfranchised from Nu-Lab’s technocratic, home-owning, ABC1 guff that they are voting BNP.

It seems to me that this is wholly systematic of a slow creeping fascism that is the result of convergence of several factors that have effected the UK since the Second World War. Principal among these being the process that has seen citizens turned into consumers.

Thatcher’s use of monetarist theory in the eighties, as this episode from Adam Curtis’ series Pandora’s Box shows, destroyed the working class as a power bloc in UK politics.

What eventually came to fill the gap was shopping. But shopping is a greedy, self-interested pursuit. Thus out the window goes notions of society, and the good of all. Nu-Lab never were a party of the left, they were right-wing all along with a bit of PFI social conscience tacked on for good measure. In this sense they continued to appease the the selfish, psychotic side of UK society – the part that doesn’t give a fuck about anyone else as long as it’s OK.

The end result of this will of course end up being something like the culture wars of the USA. Now the Labour movement is dying on it’s feet the concerns of the UK’s underclass can seemingly only be expressed in voting for candidates that promulgate rightwing theories and Worldviews