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A One Man Show

Grace Jones rarely gets the credit she deserves in her manipulations and critique of image and identity: dressing as a monkey; raising an army of clones (“I can’t tell them apart”); playing with orientalist constructions; combining elements of masculine and feminine drag. In her One Man Show Jones internalises cliches and stereotypes regarding the savage black other with such ironic glee that she renders them ridiculous.


Demdike Stare

Mania D

Finally found (not that I’ve looked in about 4 years) a subtitled version of this Mania D (pre-Malaria!) interview on the Youtube.

Oh, and another:

I believe you can find a copy of their live tape here.

X-Ray Spex

Poly Styrene RIP

So Unreal

I can’t get enough of this L.A Vampires / Matrix Metals song at the moment.

I’m sure there is supposed to be some Baudrillardian/Lacanian/(insert theorist of the un/real of your choice and stick an -ian on the end here) subtext to this, but I enjoy it more on the level of ‘pop song’.

The Mo-Dettes

Can’t believe there was even a video made for this. Funny the things the internet turns up.

Why don’t you listen to Liliput, where punk rock starts and ends? Maybe if you listened to Liliput, your songs would find more friends

Thanks to The Yummy Fur for the title.